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A Lawyer For Slip and Fall on Ice

A slip and fall on ice lawsuit can be difficult to pursue. The time limit for filing a lawsuit for this type of accident varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If you slipped and fell on ice, it may be possible to file a claim against the property owner or municipality. However, you need to know the specific timeframe to file a suit. Moreover, it is important to note that filing a lawsuit against a private party will be much different than filing one against a public entity. Getting legal counsel early is extremely important.

lawyer for slip and fall on ice

Whether you slipped on ice on the street or a sidewalk, you are legally entitled to compensation. New York City’s Administrative Code governs the removal of ice on walking surfaces. Depending on where you fell, ice may cause you to slip and fall. In such cases, a slip and fall on a property can be a result of any negligence or recklessness on the part of the property owner or manager.

Whether you fell on a sidewalk, parking lot, entryway, driveway, or parking lot, ice can build up in these areas. Injuries from slip and falls on ice are extremely common in New York, and property owners have a legal obligation to mitigate the danger of ice. If the property owner was negligent in removing the icy surface, he or she could be held liable for your injuries. The laws governing the removal of icicles are also stricter on public and commercial property owners.

Whether your slip and fall on ice was caused by a slippery surface, or some other hazard, you should always see a doctor. Medical bills, receipts, and even a diary of your recovery should be saved. A lawyer for slip and fall on ice should be consulted as soon as possible. The insurance company will challenge the legitimacy of your claim, and may try to blame you or trick you into saying or doing something that they aren’t prepared to say. The insurance company will offer you less than what you were injured.

The legal process for slip and fall on ice can be difficult. While it is not unusual to fall on ice, it is crucial to act quickly and properly. If you have slipped and fallen on icy surfaces, you can be held responsible. In such cases, a lawyer will fight the insurance company and ensure you receive the compensation you deserve. The attorney will be able to prove the negligence on your part.

If you were injured in a slip and fall on ice, the property owner may be responsible for your injury. A property owner is required to keep their premises safe and to provide a safe environment. If a property owner fails to maintain its premises, you may have a case for a slip and fall on ice. If you fell on a slippery ice, the owner of the ice could be liable for the accident.